Vision & Mission

VISION At 'I-Explore', our goal is to provide a structured, flexible curriculum and a positive environment, designed to meet social, emotional, language and cognitive development of young children. The overall objective is to prepare the tiny tots to enter kindergarten, ready to learn and explore to help them accept the challenges to succeed throughout.

MISSION We at 'I-Explore' want to provide a perfect blend of International standard education in an Indian way with meaningful experiences.We want to inculcate Indian values in Children. PHILOSOPHY Our philosophy is unique with certain principles i.e. Children need to be nurtured in an atmosphere of unconditional love and affection, which facilitates the harmonious development of young minds. We have an innovative methodology to inculcate good habits, social manners & etiquettes through proper training. Their inquisitive minds can be developed only through creative activities and at 'I-Explore' we promise to facilitate that.

TEACHING METHODOLOGY At 'I-Explore' the activities are full of fun and learning. The child is given full freedom to explore the world around him. Teaching and learning is not just restricted to classrooms, the child is exposed to various forms of learning.We believe that each child has unique learning style and we respect this uniqueness. At 'I-Explore' the activities that are taught to the kids are absolutely non-competitive.

Every child is a "WINNER". The focus is not at the perfection of the activity that the child is doing, but the process of LEARNING.

"We don't do different things. We just do things differently"