director & founder

A Masters in Business Administration, Ms Sheetal Asrani Mukherjee is a passionate educationist. She has over 15 years of experience in corporate HR, Industrial Management and Managing Educational Institution. Understanding the educational needs of the time, she founded I-EXPLORE, which today is known for its high standards towards child care & early education in the formative years.

It is understood that “Motherhood” brings in a lot of responsibility such as health, hygiene, nutrition, etc. Every mother wants to give the best to her child; Best in terms of a paediatrician, a nutritionist or a physical trainer and of course to enrol her child in one of the BEST schools.

With our directors personal experience, she got passionate about early childhood education, which compelled her to go in for a deep research and study for 6 to 8 months after which, the thought of taking up a franchise of a pre-school. At this juncture, her family inspired her and encouraged giving their full support to open up her own pre-school wherein she wanted to fulfil her vision and dream of giving premium quality education and taking care of the nutrition and hygiene at top priority for the toddlers and hence I-EXPLORE was conceived with utmost passion and conviction....

our team

Our team selection strategy could be any combination, ranging from talented, spirited, expressive, multifaceted; the list could go on! Our single point of contention always was "passion for young ones". Our team was selected firstly based on the affection and passion for kids they have. Once convinced that the people we were interviewing would be caring and loving to our kids, the rest of the skills were easy to gauge through. As a result we are blessed with a team who is committed, dedicated and very motherly to the impressionable minds.