Day at School

Welcoming children

Free Choice - 20 minutes

Children get a choice of Shapes board,Soft toys, Sound boxes, Knob boards, Slates, Lacing boards, Nuts & bolts, story books, Stackers etc.

Breakfast - 20 minutes

We have an in-house Mess facility where daily, healthy, organic and nutritious food is made and served to the children.

Circle Time - 20 minutes 

Children are made to sit in a circle and sing and are encouraged to participate in day to day conversation e.g.: weather updates and the calendar.

Outdoor play 20 minutes 

To develop the Physical Dexterity and improve on gross motor skills, Jumble gym, Rope ladder, Bike path, Gardening tools, Tricycles, Slide, Swing, Mat puzzle, Hula hoops etc. equipments are made available for the benefit of the children.

Theme time - 30 minutes 

Children will be enlightened on the topic of the month e.g. Clothes we wearThey learn about winter, summer, monsoon clothes and the art/craft activity will also be planned according to the theme/topic of the month.

Music and Movement/Art/craft - 30 minutes 

Nursery rhymes, sing along cd�s, Action rhymes, Dance or Art/Craft activities pertaining to the theme of the month are incorporated.

Skill time - 40 minutes 

To enhance the childrenss fine motor skills, slate and chalk, play dough, stacking Boards, jigsaw puzzles, threading beads, Seriation boards etc are made available for the children.

Lunch time - 30 minutes

We have a school nutritionist on board and meals are prepared based on her prescribed menu. The meal generally is a healthy combination of carbs, proteins, roughage, vitamins and minerals.

Grooming time - 20 minutes 

We inculcate a habit of self-grooming and teach them to be presentable, every time they go out.

"A fruitful day is accomplished at I EXPLORE"