The entire curriculum encompasses highly systematic and step by step procedures ensuring learning by doing. At 'I-Explore' we don't cover the syllabus rather we uncover the syllabus and unleash the minds. We make children explore, create & discover on their own. XSEED The international curriculum, syllabus and methodology is called 'XSEED' by idiscoveri. Designed by educationists from Harvard, Cambridge, IIM&IIT's. This creative curriculum is based on multiple facets of intelligence:

  • Logical Mathematical Intelligence
  • Intra Personal Intelligence
  • Verbal Intelligence
  • Naturalistic Intelligence
  • Inter Personal Intelligence
  • Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence
  • Visual Spatial Intelligence
  • Musical Intelligence

In XSEED curriculum, we move from telling to teaching where as children will move from hearing to learning. The unique characteristics of XSEED teaching is that, it replaces the traditional teacher's centric chalk and talk one step pedagogy to five step teaching and learning system. The comprehensive XSEED programme ensures that children observe and apply knowledge instead of merely memorizing texts. It takes the unarticulated aversion of the teacher's community to new Information Communication Technology to consideration an offer step by step lesson plan.

The power of XSEED lives in making the whole approach to school education in child centric. It makes learning easy and interesting as the child pragmatically learns to think and act. It is a complete guide to innovative teaching. It attempts to provide an environment which allots space to express opinion, analyze, and constantly push towards fulfillment of ones full potential of the child which is utilized to the maximum. Learning moments are seized to fuel the child's interest enabling them to become confident individuals of the 21st Century. The curriculum enables children to think, decide, reflect and judge independently. It shows significantly better results for all children even the ones who are struggling.

According to Dr. Howard Gardner, Professor in Howard University - "The really complicated ideas should be thought not by lecture but by mind mapping, group interactions, humor and art"